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[Ichthyology • 2008] Australoheros forquilha, A. charrua, A. minuano & A. guarani • The Australoheros (Teleostei: Cichlidae) species of the Uruguay and Parana River drainages

Australoheros forquilha Rícan & Kullander, 2008

Australoheros charrua Rícan & Kullander, 2008 
Australoheros forquilha Rícan & Kullander, 2008 
Australoheros guarani Rícan & Kullander, 2008 
Australoheros minuano Rícan & Kullander, 2008 

Australoheros Říčan and Kullander, 2006 includes four described species 
Australoheros facetus (Jenyns, 1842), Australoheros tembe (Casciotta, Gómez & Toresani, 1995), Australoheros scitulus (Říčan & Kullander, 2003) and Australoheros kaaygua Casciotta, Almirón & Gómez, 2006. 
Four additional species are newly described in this paper based on results presented in Říčan and Kullander (2006): Australoheros forquilha sp. nov., from the tributaries of the Upper Río Uruguay in Brazil; Australoheros charrua sp. nov. and Australoheros minuano sp. nov., from the tributaries of the Middle Río Uruguay in Brazil and Uruguay, and Australoheros guarani sp. nov. from the Río Paraná tributaries in Paraguay. Sympatric species are not found closely related and all sister species have allopatric distributions. 
Four species groups are recognized based on phylogenetic hypotheses generated from morphological and cyt b characters; the forquilha group—A. forquilha, A. tembe; the scitulus group—A. scitulus, A. charrua; the kaaygua group—A. kaaygua, A. minuano; and the facetus group—A. facetus, A. guarani.

Key words: ´Cichlasoma´ facetum group, Australoheros, new species, Cichlidae, South America, biogeography, Río Uruguay, Río Paraná

Rícan, O. & Kullander, S.O. (2008) The Australoheros (Teleostei: Cichlidae) species of the Uruguay and Parana River drainages. Zootaxa, 1724: 1-51.