Wednesday, March 15, 2023

[Botany • 2023] Primula pingbaensis (Primulaceae) • A New Species from Guizhou, China


Primula pingbaensis Na Zhang, X.Q.Jiang & Z.K.Wu,

in Zhang, Jiang & Wu, 2023.

Primula pingbaensis Na Zhang, X.Q.Jiang & Z.K.Wu, a new species of Primulaceae from Gaofeng Mountain of Pingba county, Guizhou, China, is described and illustrated. Morphological evidence supports P. pingbaensis as a member of P. sect. Petiolares on account of scape elongating, pedicels conspicuously thickening in fruit, and its capsule cracking irregularly round the top and crumbling away. Amongst the members of subsect. Davidii, the new species is characterized by having a uniquely smooth leaf blade due to inconspicuously raised veinlets and homostylous flowers with the style usually extending beyond the anthers. The distribution, phenology and conservation status of the new species are also provided.

Keywords: Guizhou, Karst, new species, ping ba bao chun, Primula sect. Petiolares

Primula pingbaensis sp. nov.
 A habit B calyx and stigma C upper face of leaves D lower face of leaves E dissected corolla F capsule.
Drawn by Ms. Xiang-Li Wu.

A–I Primula pingbaensis sp. nov.: A habitat B habit in flowering C capsule in early-fruiting D capsule in later-fruiting E flower, front view F bracts and calyx G calyx and stigma H dissected corolla showing the anthers and stigma I specimen in flowering;
J–L Primula esquirolii: J habitat K leaves, both surfaces L habit. Photographed by Z.K Wu.

 Primula pingbaensis Na Zhang, X.Q.Jiang & Z.K.Wu, sp. nov.
Note: The new species most resembles Primula esquirolii and P. coerulea, sharing similar floral morphology and short or almost obsolete scapes at flowering time. However, the new species differs from the homostylous P. esquirolii mainly in its lamina smooth on upper surface, deeper flower color, oblong flower lobes, and the style usually extending beyond the anthers. Compared to the heterostylous P. coerulea, the new species differs mainly in its homostylous flower, and the whole plant is usually covered with sparse glands. The main morphological distinctions between P. pingbaensis, P. esquirolii and P. coerulea are summarized in Table 1.

Distribution and ecology: Primula pingbaensis is only known from the type locality on Gaofeng mountain in Pingba county, Guizhou, China. The plant grows on moist walls of karst cliffs. (Fig. 1, Map 1).

Etymology: The epithet of the new species is derived from the name of Pingba county, Guizhou, where the new species was discovered and collected (Map 1).

 Na Zhang, Xiao-Qi Jiang and Zhi-Kun Wu. 2023. Primula pingbaensis (Primulaceae), A New Species from Guizhou, China. PhytoKeys. 221: 85-93. DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.221.97948