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[Botany • 2022] Agapetes oligodonta (Ericaceae) • A New Species from Kachin State, Novelties in Myanmar Agapetes with An updated Checklist of Species from the Country

 Agapetes oligodonta  Y. H. Tong, K. Armstr. & Bin Yang,

in Tong, Fritsch, Tan, Aung, Yang & Armstrong, 2022.

We provide novel taxonomic information for Agapetes (Ericaceae) from Myanmar, describe the new species A. oligodonta, provide a supplemental description of the floral morphology of A. epacridea, and raise A. odontocera var. stenosepala to the rank of species. Line illustrations and photographs of living plants of A. oligodonta and A. epacridea are included, as well as an updated checklist of Agapetes from Myanmar (56 species, 9 varieties and 1 form) with discussion on the distribution of some species.

Keywords: Burma, Kachin, Vaccinieae, Vaccinioideae

  Agapetes oligodonta sp. nov.
 (a) Habit, (b) swollen stem base, (c) leafy branches, (d) flowering branch, (e) flower with corolla and stamens removed, (f ) androecium and adaxial (left), abaxial (middle) and lateral (right) view of a stamen, (g) disk and calyx, (h) cross section of ovary, (i) fruiting branches, (j) young fruit, lateral view.
Scale bars: (e) 6 mm; (f-h) 3 mm. Photos (a-h) by Y. H. Tong, (i, j) by B. Yang.

Agapetes oligodonta Y. H. Tong, K. Armstr. & Bin Yang, sp. nov.

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the sparse serrations at the apex of the leaf margin (oligo fewdonta teeth).

 Yi-Hua Tong, Peter W. Fritsch, Yun-Hong Tan, Mu Mu Aung, Bin Yang and Kate E. Armstrong. 2022. Novelties in Myanmar Agapetes (Ericaceae) with An updated Checklist of Species from the Country. Nordic Journal of Botany. e03496. DOI: 10.1111/njb.03496