Monday, March 6, 2023

[Mollusca • 2020] Camaena funingensis, C. maguanensis, etc. • Four New Dextral Land Snails of the Genus Camaena (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Camaenidae) from south China

Camaena funingensis Camaena gaolongensis Zhou, Wang & Lin
Camaena maguanensis Camaena yulinensis Zhou, Wang & Hu

in Wang, Hu, Lin, Yang, Li et Zhou, 2020. 

In this study, four new dextral camaenid from China are reported, based on shell morphology, reproductive system anatomy, and molecular phylogenetic analyses: Camaena funingensis Zhou, Wang & Lin, sp. nov., Camaena gaolongensis Zhou, Wang & Lin, sp. nov., Camaena maguanensis Zhou, Wang & Hu, sp. nov., and Camaena yulinensis Zhou, Wang & Hu, sp. nov. Detailed descriptions of the morphological characteristics including shells and genitalia, DNA sequences, and living environments of the four new species are provided, with further comparisons with congeners.

Keywords: Anatomy, Camaena, molecular biology, shell morphology, terrestrial snail

 Ecological photographs of snails
Camaena funingensis sp. nov. (Laolida, Funing, Yunnan, China) B Camaena gaolongensis sp. nov. (Dayao, Gaolong, Guangxi, China) 
Camaena maguanensis sp. nov. (Huazhige, Maguan, Yunnan, China) D Camaena yulinensis sp. nov. (Longquan cave, Yulin, Guangxi, China).

Photographs of the four new species
Camaena funingensis sp. nov. (holotype, FJIQBC 19340, Laolida, Funing, Yunnan, China)
Camaena gaolongensis sp. nov. (holotype, FJIQBC 19353, Dayao, Gaolong, Guangxi, China)
Camaena maguanensis sp. nov. (FJIQBC 19405, Huazhige, Maguan, Yunnan, China)
Camaena yulinensis sp. nov. (FJIQBC 19460, Longquan cave, Yulin, Guangxi, China).
Scale bars: 10 mm.

Pei Wang, Mei-Ling Hu, Jun-Hong Lin, Hai-Fang Yang, Xiao-Jing Li and Wei-Chuan Zhou. 2020. Descriptions of Four New Dextral Land Snails of the Genus Camaena (Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Camaenidae) from south China. ZooKeys. 996: 37-58. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.996.54187