Tuesday, March 14, 2023

[Arachnida • 2022] Linothele mubii • A New Species of Linothele (Araneae: Dipluridae) from Peru

Linothele mubii   
Nicoletta, Ochoa, Chaparro & Ferretti, 2022

 A new species of Linothele Karsch, 1879 from southern Peru is described and illustrated, L. mubii sp. nov. The new species can be distinguished from other species of the genus by scopulation in combination with the morphology of copulatory organs.

Key words: taxonomy, South America, sheet-web spider, Mygalomorphae, Dipluridae, Linothele, new species

Linothele mubii sp. nov., female (holotype).
 1, carapace and abdomen, dorsal view; 2, general appearance, dorsal view;
 3, collecting habitat of the holotype (photo by J.C. Chaparro).
Scale bars: 10 mm.

Linothele mubii sp. nov. 

Diagnosis. The female of L. mubii sp. nov. can be distinguished from congeners by undivided scopula on tarsi I, vulva consisting of two short stalks bearing a single isolated retrolateral vesicle (Fig. 14), together with dorsal pattern on opisthosoma consisting of several dots forming incomplete chevrons (Fig. 5). The male of L. mubii sp. nov. differs from congeners in the presence of a keel on embolus (Figs 23–26), leg formula 4123 and well-developed v-shaped apex of metatarsal protuberance (Fig. 22).

Etymology. The species name is a noun in genitive case, derived from the abbreviated name of the Peruvian Institution Museo de Biodiversidad del Perú (MUBI) in Cusco, Peru. The species is named in recognition for the contribution of this institution to science as a biodiversity repository

M. Nicoletta, J.A. Ochoa, J.C. Chaparro and N. Ferretti. 2022. A New Species of Linothele (Araneae: Dipluridae) from Peru. Zoosystematica Rossica. 31(1); 134-142. DOI: 10.31610/zsr/2022.31.1.134