Sunday, February 27, 2022

[Herpetology • 2022] Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis • A New Species of the Genus Brachytarsophrys Tian & Hu, 1983 (Anura, Megophryidae) from Guizhou Province, China

Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis  
Li, Liu, Yang, Wei & Su, 2022

Qiannan Short-legged Toad | 黔南短腿蟾 ||  DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.10.e79984

The toads of the genus Brachytarsophrys Tian & Hu, 1983 are distributed in southern China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand. Seven species of the genus have been recognised, of which five of them are known from China so far.

New information: 
Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov., a new species of the short-legged toad genus is here described from southern Guizhou Province, China. Diagnostic characters of the new species are illustrated and comparisons with its congeners are provided. Its validity is also affirmed by its distinct mitochondrial gene sequence divergence with all congeners and its monophyly recovered in the mitochondrial gene-based phylogenetic analyses.

Keywords: Megophryidae, new taxon, phylogenetic analysis, morphology

Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov. the holotype male [CIB LB20210806054] in life.
A dorsal view; B ventral view;
C dorsal view of hand (insert: the nuptial pad on the dorsal surface of the first finger);D ventral view of hand; E ventral view of foot.

Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov. Colour variations of the female in life
A dorsal view of CIB LB20210806055; B ventral view of CIB LB20210806055;
C dorsal view of CIB LB20210806055; D ventral view of CIB LB20210806056.

Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis Li, Liu, Yang, Wei, & Su, sp. n.

Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov. could be distinguished from its congeners by a combination of the following morphological characters: (1) body size small (SVL 70.1 mm in male and 80.1 – 84.9 mm in females); (2) tongue pyriform, feebly notched posteriorly; (3) tibiotarsal articulation reaching to commissure of jaw when leg stretched forward; (4) toes about one third to two thirds webbed in males; (5) male with a single subgular vocal sac and a brown nuptial pad present on the dorsal surface of the first finger.

Distribution: Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov. is known from the type locality, Libo County, Guizhou Province, China at elevations between 1100 – 1200 m a.s.l.

Ecology: Brachytarsophrys qiannanensis sp. nov. inhabits a mountain stream (Fig. 6) covered by evergreen broadleaf forest, there being only a small amount of water on the surface of the stream. Advertisement call of males can be heard from beneath the rocks at night and the females were frequently found near large rocks.

Etymology: The specific name qiannanensis refers to the distribution of this species, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture, the County to where the type locality of the species belongs. We propose the common English name “Qiannan Short-legged Toad” and Chinese name “Qian Nan Duan Tui Chan (黔南短腿蟾)”.

 Shize Li, Jing Liu, Guiping Yang, Gang Wei and Haijun Su. 2022. A New Toad Species of the Genus Brachytarsophrys Tian & Hu, 1983 (Anura, Megophryidae) from Guizhou Province, China. Biodiversity Data Journal. 10: e79984. DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.10.e79984