Thursday, May 22, 2014

[Mollusca • 2013] Three New Species of the Carnivorous Snail genus Perrottetia Kobelt, 1905 (Pulmonata, Streptaxidae) from Thailand

Three new species of the streptaxid snail genus Perrottetia are described from north and northeastern Thailand, Perrottetia aquilonaria sp. n., Perrottetia dermapyrrhosa sp. n. and Perrottetia phuphamanensis sp. n. Each species is endemic to a single or a few limestone mountain ranges. The species are characterized by the morphology of their genital organs, as well as by shell characters. Perrottetia aquilonaria sp. n. has a club shaped distal penis and large penial hooks are present and penial papillae cover almost the entire penial hook portion; adjacent areas possess low reticulated folds. Perrottetia dermapyrrhosa sp. n. has a long genital atrium and the penial sheath is about two-thirds of the penis length. Penial hooks are long, scattered and sunken into deep ovate hollows; vaginal hooks are present. Perrottetia phuphamanensis sp. n. has a rounded and protruded shell periphery. The aperture is subcircular, peristome is thick and the second parietal lamella is adjacent to the first parietal lamella; a basal lamella is the smaller than in the other Thai species.

Keywords: Systematics, land snails, taxonomy, genitalia, predator

Thanit Siriboon, Chirasak Sutcharit, Fred Naggs, Somsak Panha. 2013. Three New Species of the Carnivorous Snail genus Perrottetia Kobelt, 1905 from Thailand (Pulmonata, Streptaxidae). ZooKeys. 287 (0): 41 DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.287.4572