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[Herpetology • 2011] Polychrus jacquelinae • A New Bush Anole (Iguanidae, Polychrotinae) from the upper Marañon basin, Peru, with a redescription of Polychrus peruvianus (Noble, 1924) and additional information on Polychrus gutturosus Berthold, 1845

Polychrus jaqcuelinae sp. n. from La Libertad, Peru: male holotype CORBIDI 7725 with normal  colouration A photograph by M. León, in stress colouration B photograph by M. León, subadult male C ZFMK 91763, female D CORBIDI 5742, photograph by M. León, close-up of the head of one female E, ZFMK 91764.

Polychrus jacquelinae Koch, Venegas, Garcia-Bravo & Böhme, 2011

We herein describe a new colorful species of Polychrus with a conspicuous sexual dimorphism from the dry forest of the northern portion of Región de La Libertad, Peru. The new species differs from all other Polychrus species, in that this species has very small dorsal scales and thus a higher number of scales around midbody and in the middorsal line from behind the occipital scales to the level of the posterior edge of the thigh. Furthermore, we redescribe Polychrus peruvianus whose original description is short and lacks information on intraspecific variation and sexual dimorphism. Also, we add some information on intraspecific variation and ecology of Polychrus gutturosus. Finally, we synonymize Polychrus spurrelli Boulenger with Polychrus gutturosus.

Keywords: Andes, dryforest, new species, lizard, bush anoles, reptiles, Polychrus jacquelinae sp. n., Polychrus peruvianus, Polychrus gutturosus, Polychrus spurrelli

 Claudia Koch, Pablo J. Venegas, Antonio Garcia-Bravo, and Wolfgang Böhme. 2011. A New Bush Anole (Iguanidae, Polychrotinae, Polychrus) from the upper Marañon basin, Peru, with a redescription of Polychrus peruvianus (Noble, 1924) and additional information on Polychrus gutturosus Berthold, 1845. Zookeys. 2011; (141): 79–107. doi:

Polychrus marmoratus

photo: Ryan Lynch