Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Paleontology] Hadrosauridae: Global Phylogeny (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda)

Phylogenies of Hadrosauridae. 
A, after Gates et al., 2011, based on the analysis of Horner et al., 2004. 
B, after Prieto-Márquez, 2010.

Horner, J. R., Weishampel, D. B. & Forster, c. A. 2004. Hadrosauridae. pp.438–463 in Weishampel, Dodson & Osmólska (eds.) The Dinosauria (second edition). University of California Press (Berkeley, California, USA).
Prieto-Márquez, A. 2010. Global phylogeny of Hadrosauridae (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) using parsimony and Bayesian methods. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 159:435–502.