Sunday, July 22, 2012

[Paleontology • 2002] Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi • A new rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur with a headcrest and complex integumentary structures

Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi  

The type species is Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi. The genus name is derived from Greek pteron, "wing" and rhynchos, "snout", in reference to the tall crest on the head. The specific name honours the German pterosaur researcher Peter Wellnhofer.

Czerkas, S.A., and Ji, Q. 2002. A new rhamphorhynchoid with a headcrest and complex integumentary structures. In: Czerkas, S.J. (Ed.). Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight. The Dinosaur Museum: Blanding, Utah, 15-41. ISBN 1-932075-01-1.