Sunday, June 4, 2023

[Botany • 2023] Piper quinchasense (Piperaceae) • A New Species with peltate leaves from Serranía de las Quinchas, Colombia

Piper quinchasense M. A. Jaram., 

in Jaramillo, Rodríguez-Duque et Escobar-Alba, 2023. 

Piper quinchasense is described and illustrated as a new species occurring in the understory of wet montane forest of the middle Magdalena Valley in Colombia, the easternmost portion of the Chocó Region. Its relationships are discussed with related taxa from the Macrostachys clade. An identification key for 35 Neotropical Piper species with peltate leaves is provided.

Key words: Boyacá, Chocó Region, Macrostachys clade, Piperales, tropical montane forests

Piper quinchasense M. A. Jaram.
 A habit B magnified view of inflorescence C stilt roots D sheathing petiole E adaxial surface of leaves F abaxial surface of leaves and inflorescence.
Photographs by D. Rodríguez-Duque.

Piper quinchasense M. A. Jaram.
A sympodial branch, showing both the abaxial and adaxial surface of the leaves B magnified view of inflorescence C floral diagram D anther E floral bract, abaxial view F floral bract view from above G fruit H seed I magnified view of leaf abaxial surface J sheathing petiole K magnified view of leaf adaxial surface.
Illustration by Ariadna Valenzuela, based on M. Escobar-Alba 764, and photographs by D. Rodríguez-Duque.

 Piper quinchasense M.A.Jaram., sp. nov.
Description: Piper quinchasense is similar to P. parianum, it differs from the latter in having all leaf blades peltate (vs. leaves deeply lobed to peltate), and inflorescence peduncle 4–5 cm long, (vs. peduncle 1–2.7 cm long).

Etymology: The epithet quinchasense, refers to Serranía de las Quinchas, the type locality for this species. According to locals, Quinchas derives from the indigenous groups “Quinchos” that inhabited the region.

 M. Alejandra Jaramillo, Dayro Rodríguez-Duque and Magda Escobar-Alba. 2023. A New Species of Piper (Piperaceae) with peltate leaves from Serranía de las Quinchas, Colombia. PhytoKeys. 227: 9-24. DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.227.101405

Resumen: Piper quinchasense se describe e ilustra como una nueva especie que ocurre en el sotobosque de bosques húmedos montanos del valle medio del Magdalena en Colombia, la porción más oriental del Chocó Biogeográfico. Se discuten sus relaciones con otras especies del clado Macrostachys. Se presenta una clave de identificación para 35 especies de Piper Neotropical con hojas peltadas.
Palabras claves: bosque montano tropical, Boyacá, Chocó Biogeográfico, clado Macrostachys, Piperales