Wednesday, May 24, 2023

[Botany • 2023] Vaccinium coarctatum (Ericaceae: Vaccinieae) • An ultramafic-obligate New Species from the Dwarf Forest of Mount Redondo, Dinagat Island, Philippines

Vaccinium coarctatum M.N.Tamayo & Fernando,

in Tamayo, Fernando et Fritsch, 2023.

A new species of blueberry, Vaccinium coarctatum M.N.Tamayo & Fernando, from the dwarf forest on ultramafic soil of Dinagat Island, Philippines, is described. It closely resembles Vaccinium hamiguitanense P.W.Fritsch but is distinct from that species in having a longer inflorescence, shorter pedicels, longer and persistent bracteoles, white-hirsutulous calyx lobes, and shorter anther spurs. This discovery brings the number of Vaccinium species known from the Philippines to 41. A key to the small-leaved Vaccinium in the Philippines is provided.
Keywords: Blueberry, Mindanao island, Mining, Serpentine soil, Vaccinieae

Vaccinium coarctatum M.N.Tamayo & Fernando, sp. nov.
A, Upper montane rain forest of Mount Redondo, Dinagat Island, showing the dwarf vegetation in the habitat of the species; B, flowering branchlets; C, leaves and inflorescence (ventral view); D, lateral view of the inflorescence, showing corolla ridges and sulci.
All photographs: E. S. Fernando.

Vaccinium coarctatum M.N.Tamayo & Fernando, sp. nov.

Vaccinium coarctatum resembles V. hamiguitanense P.W.Fritsch but differs in having longer inflorescences (c.4.5 cm vs c.1.6 cm), shorter pedicels (2–3 mm vs 3–4 mm), longer bracteoles (6–8 mm vs 0.14–0.54 mm) that are persistent (vs caducous), hirsutulous calyx lobes (vs glabrous), and shorter anther spurs (0.2–0.3 mm vs 0.2–0.4 mm).

Etymology. The epithet coarctatum (neuter) is Latin for ‘crowded’ or ‘pressed together’. This is in reference to the growth habit and the slightly appressed flowers of the new species.

M.N. Tamayo, E.S. Fernando and P.W. Fritsch. 2023. Vaccinium coarctatum (ERICACEAE), An ultramafic-obligate New Species from the Dwarf Forest of Mount Redondo, Dinagat Island, Philippines. EDINBURGH JOURNAL OF BOTANY. 80, 1960: 1-12.
DOI: 10.24823/ejb.2023.1960