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[Botany • 2022] Boyania kenwurdackii (Melastomataceae: Sonerileae) • A New Species from Guyana

Boyania kenwurdackii Michelang.:

in Michelangeli, 2022. 
Drawn by Bobbi Angell 

Boyania kenwurdackii (Melastomataceae, Sonerileae) is described from moist forests in Guyana. It is the third species in the genus and most closely resembles the other species that occurs in Guyana, B. ayangannae, but differs on flower merosity, indumentum, petal and anther size and morphology. The new species is illustrated and scanning electron microscopy photographs of the seeds are provided, as well as a distribution map for both species present in Guyana.

Keywords: Neotropics, Sonerileae, Taxonomy.

Boyania kenwurdackii Michelang.:
 a. Flowering stem with distal leaves and inforescences, with close up of stem node; b. Young inforescence; c. Branch with old inforescence remnant; d. Inforescence remnant with persistent bracteoles; e. Petiole apex and leaf base; f. Stem node and fap. g. Young inforescence; h. Flowers and bud in lateral view, mature fower (right) with petals removed; i. Flower in longitudinal section (left) through the ovary and with petals and stamens removed, (right) through the hypanthium with petals and some stamens removed; j. Antesepalous stamens in lateral (left), dorsal (middle) and frontal (right) views
(a–f from Michelangeli 2489; g–j from K.J. Wurdack, E.A. Tripp, A. Radosavljevic & J. Ralph 5869; drawn by Bobbi Angell).

Boyania kenwurdackii Michelang. sp. nov. 

Differs from Boyania ayangannae Wurdack by the 4-merous(vs. 5-merous) flowers, hypanthia sparsely covered byminute sessile glands ( vs. densely to sparsely glandularpubescent), smaller petals (up to 3.24 mm long vs. 8–13mm long), and anthers with a bilobed ventral appendage0.15 mm long (vs. a single dorsal appendage 0.6 mm long),and the larger dorsal appendage (1.4–2.2 mm vs. 0.8–1.2mm long). 

Michelangeli F.A. 2022. A New Species of Boyania (Melastomataceae) from Guyana.  Rheedea. 32(4); 288–294. DOI: 10.22244/rheedea.2022.32.04.04