Sunday, October 23, 2022

[Herpetology • 2022] Pristimantis omarrhynchus & P. miltongallardoi • Two New Species of the Pristimantis boulengeri Group (Anura: Strabomantidae) from the upper Napo River Basin, Ecuador

Pristimantis omarrhynchus
Bejarano-Muñoz, Ron, Navarrete & Yánez-Muñoz, 2022

Through the combination of morphological and phylogenetic evidence, we describe two species of Pristimantis from the upper basin of the Napo River. Both species have well-defined dorsolateral folds, a conical tubercle on the eyelid, a papilla on the tip of the snout, weakly expanded discs, and small size (female SVL < 28.2 mm). Pristimantis omarrhynchus sp. nov. differs from its sister species, Pristimantis miltongallardoi sp. nov., by the absence of iridophores on the belly, subacuminate snout in dorsal view, and narrow digits. Our phylogeny and morphological evidence, are conclusive in assigning them to the Pristimantis boulengeri species group, closely related to P. boulengeri, P. cryptopictus, P. dorspictus, and P. brevifrons. The new species are the first reported for the P. boulengeri group in Ecuador and the Amazon basin. We also comment on the correct identity of GenBank sequences previously assigned to P. thymelensis and P. myersi.

Keywords: Andes, Phylogenetics, Call, Pristimantis omarrhynchus sp. nov., Pristimantis miltongallardoi sp. nov., Systematics, Terrarana

Patricia Bejarano-Muñoz, Santiago R. Ron, María José Navarrete and Mario H. Yánez-Muñoz. 2022. Dos nuevas especies del grupo Pristimantis boulengeri (Anura: Strabomantidae) de la cuenca alta del río Napo, Ecuador [Two New Species of the Pristimantis boulengeri Group (Anura: Strabomantidae) from the upper Napo River Basin, Ecuador].   Cuadernos de Herpetología. 36(2);