Wednesday, October 13, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Aenigmanu alvareziae (Picramniaceae) • A New Genus from Western Amazonia


Aenigmanu alvareziae  

in Thomas, Hensold, ... et Neto, 2021. 

An unusual tree was collected in the Manu National Park in Peru in 1973 and although recollected many times, remained unidentified for decades. Preliminary molecular analysis indicated that it belonged to the Picramniaceae, even though the vegetative features were discordant. Using the nuclear marker ITS and the chloroplast marker rbcL, sequences were analyzed using Bayesian inference and maximum likelihood methods. The molecular analyses and study of the morphology showed that it is a new genus and species of Picramniaceae, herein described as Aenigmanu alvareziae. We provide a full morphological description, illustrations, and a distribution map of the new taxon, as well as a revised key to the genera of Picramniaceae.

Keywords: Aenigmanu, Manu National Park, Nothotalisia, Peru, taxonomy

Aenigmanu alvareziae

William Wayt Thomas, Nancy Hensold, Robin Foster, Richard H. Ree and Raimundo Luciano Soares Neto. 2021. Aenigmanu, A New Genus of Picramniaceae from Western Amazonia.  TAXON. Early View. DOI: 10.1002/tax.12588

 Aenigmanu alvareziae. The genus name, Aenigmanu, means “mystery of Manu,” while the species name is in honor of Patricia Álvarez-Loayza, who collected the first specimens used for the genetic analysis. (It’s worth noting that while Aenigmanu alvareziae is new to scientists, it has long been used by the Indigenous Machiguenga people.)