Monday, September 29, 2014

[Herpetology • 2014] New Ooccurrence of Sinovipera sichuanensis in Guizhou, southwestern China

Figure 1: General view of adult male Sinovipera sichuanensis from Jiangkou, Guizhou

 Three Asian green pit vipers were collected in August 2013 during a field trip in Fanjin Mt. National Conservation Area, Guizhou. These specimens were identified as Sinovipera sichuanensis, based on subsequent examination and comparison. This is a new record of the genus Sinovipera and S. sichuanensis in Guizhou, and the first time that male specimens have been 
collected in the field. 

Keywords: Snake; Hemipenis; Distribution; Morphology 

Qin LIU, Guang-Hui ZHONG, Shi-Ze LI, Jing-Cai LÜ and Peng GUO. 2014. New Ooccurrence of Sinovipera sichuanensis in Guizhou. Zoological Research. 35 (4): 350−352