Friday, October 18, 2013

[Botany • 2012] จันทร์แดง | Dracaena jayniana Wilkin, Suksathan & Keeratikiat • A New Endemic Species (Asparagaceae, tribe Nolinoideae) from central and northeastern Thailand

The taxonomic baseline for Dracaena in Thailand is reviewed, concentrating on a group of species for which morphology suggests a relationship with D. draco L., D. tamaranae Marrero Rodr., R. S. Almeida & Gonz.-Mart., D. ombet Heuglin ex Kotschy & Peyr., D. schizantha Baker, D. serrulata Baker, D. cinnabari Balf. f. and D. ellenbeckiana Engl. One morphologically distinct element of that group in Thailand known as Chan daeng in Thai is shown to be a distinct species, Dracaena jayniana Wilkin & Suksathan. It is described, illustrated and ecological information and a conservation assessment are provided.

Keywords: conservation, morphology, taxonomy

Wilkin P, Suksathan P, Keeratikiat K, van Welzen P, Wiland-Szymanska J. 2012. A New Endemic Species from central and northeastern Thailand, Dracaena jayniana Wilkin, Suksathan & Keeratikiat (Asparagaceae tribe Nolinoideae). Kew Bulletin. 67: 697-705.