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[Mammalogy • 2010] Callicebus caquetensis | Caquetá titi • a New and Critically Endangered Titi Monkey (Primates: Platyrrhini) from Southern Caquetá, Colombia (Colombian Amazon)

Holotype of Callicebus caquetensis. Young female
The new species of titi monkey: the Caquetá titi (Callicebus caquetensis), discovered in the Colombian Amazon. Photo by: Javier Garcia.

We describe a new species of titi monkey Callicebus (Primates: Platyrrhini) from the Department of Caquetá, Colombia, that belongs to the Callicebus cupreus group. Diagnostic characteristics: it is similar in fur color to C. ornatus and C. discolor, but has no white band on the forehead as in C. ornatus and C. discolor, and the hands and feet are not white as they are in C. ornatus. The karyotype of this species is 2n=46, and very similar to that published for C. cupreus. Comparing it to neighboring species, it is more similar cytologically to C. discolor than to C. ornatus. It should be classified as Critically Endangered (CR) due to the severe fragmentation of its habitat and very small population.

Key words: Platyrrhini, Pitheciidae, Callicebus caquetensis, new species, primate, Colombia. 

Figure 3c. Adult Callicebus caquetensis temporarily captured.
Photo by: Javier Garcia.

Figure 5. Four titi monkeys of southern Colombia, Amazonian Ecuador, and northern Peru. Callicebus ornatus, Callicebus discolor, Callicebus cupreus, and the new species described here, Callicebus caquetensis. Illustrations © Stephen D. Nash/Conservation International

Figure 3e. Holotype of Callicebus caquetensis. Young female.

Map of the area where a new species of titi monkey was found in Colombia by Drs Thomas Defler, Marta Bueno and Javier García with support from Conservation International. Illustration by Thomas Defler.

Defler, Thomas R.; Bueno, Marta; Garcia, Javier 2010. Callicebus caquetensis: A New and Critically Endangered Titi Monkey from Southern Caquetá, Colombia. Primate Conservation.

Stunning monkey discovered in the Colombian Amazon  
Callicebus caquetensis: A New Species of Titi Monkey Discovered