Saturday, June 22, 2024

[Funga • 2024] Cystoderma yongpingense (Agaricales: Squamanitaceae) • A New Species from southwestern China

Cystoderma yongpingense Y. L. Feng, X. Guo & Y. Fang,

in Y.-L. Feng, Sun, Y. Fang, Hua, Liu, Ma et Guo, 2024. 
The present study introduces a novel fungus, Cystoderma yongpingense, which was identified in the southwestern region of China. The new species is characterized by a pileus that ranges in color from light orange-red to orange-red; the pileus has a wrinkled surface and is accompanied by a persistent annulus that is membranous and floccose-scaly. Above the annulus, the color transitions from white to yellowish brown. This proposal is substantiated through analyses encompassing both morphological characteristics and phylogenetic relationships. The phylogenetic position of the newly discovered species has been further corroborated through comprehensive maximum likelihood and Bayesian sequence analyses of the ITS + nrLSU DNA regions. Additionally, the technical description of C. yongpingense is enhanced by detailed illustrations and comparative studies with species that are closely related.

Keywords: phylogeny, taxonomy, Yunnan Province

Cystoderma yongpingense Y. L. Feng, X. Guo & Y. Fang, sp. nov

Yun-Li Feng, Da-Feng Sun, Yuan Fang, Rong Hua, Shao-Xiong Liu, Ming Ma and Xiang Guo. 2024. Cystoderma yongpingense sp. nov. (Squamanitaceae, Agaricales) A New Species from southwestern China. Mycoscience. DOI: 10.47371/mycosci.2024.02.008