Thursday, May 23, 2024

[Botany • 2024] Sedum xunvense (Crassulaceae) • A New Species from Southeast China


Sedum xunvense Y.L. Xu & P. Li, 

in Chai, Wu, Zhang, Pu, Chen, Xu et Li, 2024.

In this paper, Sedum xunvense is described as a new species from Zhejiang, Southeast China. Sedum xunvense is morphologically similar to S. formosanum, but the latter differs in clustered and robust stems (vs. solitary, slender), green or slightly red smooth stems and inflorescence rachises (vs. purple-red and ribbed), thick and succulent leaves (vs. thin), yellow anthers (vs. reddish-brown), erect follicles (vs. oblique), and is found in dry habitats in rock crevices (vs. damp ravines, rocks and mossy thickets). A reconstructed ML phylogeny of Sedum, based on nrITS sequence data, strongly suggests that S. xunvense forms an independent clade that is sister to a larger clade of many species, including S. formosanum.

 Crassulaceae, plastome, Sedum formosanum, Southeast China, Zhejiang, Eudicots

Sedum xunvense Y.L. Xu & P. Li, sp. nov.
 A. Habitat, B. Population, C. Habit, D. Habit (cultivated), E. Habit, F. Root, G. Flower, H. Immature follicle.
Sedum xunvense Y.L. Xu & P. Li, sp. nov.

Mao-Lin CHAI, Ya-Meng WU, Yang ZHANG, Jin-Bao PU, Bin CHEN, Yue-Liang XU and Pan LI. 2024. Sedum xunvense, A New Species from Southeast China.  Phytotaxa. 644(4); 258-270. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.644.4.2