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[Botany • 2022] Tillandsia ertonii & T. nathanii (Bromeliaceae: Tillandsioideae) • Two New Species from Brazil


Tillandsia ertonii  E.H.Souza & Leme,
Tillandsia nathanii E.H.Souza & Leme,

in de Souza, Cavalcante, França, Aona, Souza et Leme, 2022. 
The authors describe, discuss, and illustrate two new species of Tillandsia from a granitic outcrop in the municipality of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro state, and from an inselberg located in the municipality of Belo Jardim, Pernambuco state, Brazil. The species are endemic with a restricted area of distribution, being considered critically endangered (CR) mainly due to habitat fragmentation and illegal extractivism, specifically for regional and international trade. We also present the phenology, a distribution map of the species, and compare them with morphologically similar taxa.

Key-words: Atlantic Forest, Caatinga, illegal trade, Tillandsia burle-maxiiT. mantiqueirae, Monocots

A–C: Inselberg where Tillandsia ertonii was found in Belo Jardim, Pernambuco, Brazil. A: Habitat, a steep face of granitic outcrop. B: Collecting the species showing the difficulty. C: Natural population showing the clumps of the species.
D: Overview of the granitic outcrop where Tillandsia nathanii was found in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. E: Close up of a few plants on the granite. F: Acollected plant of the species.
 Photos: A–C: E. M. Almeida; D–E: N. M. G. David.

Tillandsia ertonii E.H.Souza & Leme, sp. nov.

Tillandsia nathanii E.H.Souza & Leme, sp. nov.

Everton Hilo de Souza, Brayan P. Cavalcante, Rivã Ribeiro Do N. França, Lidyanne Y. S. Aona, Fernanda V. D. Souza and Elton M. C. Leme. 2022. Two New Species of Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae: Tillandsioideae) from Brazil. Phytotaxa. 560(1); 93-1030. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.560.1.7