Tuesday, January 31, 2023

[Botany • 2023] Allium sunhangii (Amaryllidaceae) • A New Species of Allium sect. Brevidentia from Southern Pamir-Alay, Uzbekistan

 Allium sunhangii F.O.Khass., Tojibaev & Yusupov, 

in Khassanov, Pulatov, Asatulloev, Ergashov, Tojibaev & Yusupov, 2023.

A new species, Allium sunhangii sp. nov., of the Middle Asiatic section Brevidentia F.O.Khass. & Iengal., (subgenus Allium, tribe Allioideae, Amaryllidaceae) is described. The species is a small plant from the Babatag Ridge in the Surkhandarya province of Uzbekistan. It is morphologically close to Allium brevidens Vved. in having initially dark violet filaments and three-cuspidate inner filaments, but differs by its small size and visibly unequal tepals as well as in the phylogenetic analysis based on ITS data.

Keywords: Allium, Brevidentia, Middle Asia, new taxon, phylogeny, taxonomy

 Allium sunhangii F.O.Khass., Tojibaev & Yusupov, 
A–A1 whole and longitudinal section of flower with teeth B view of single flower C cross section of pistil D–D1 bulb tunic and bulb E general view of species without leaves.

A1–A2 inflorescence and general view of growing  Allium sunhangii 
B1–B2 Zarkasa peak and habitat landscape.

 Allium sunhangii F.O.Khass., Tojibaev & Yusupov, sp. nov.

Diagnosis: This species is most similar to Allium brevidens Vved. (Fig. 1), from which it differs in a more compact habit, remaining small spathe with a short beak, unequal tepals and strongly exserted, dark violet filaments (Fig. 2).

Etymology: Allium sunhangii is named after Prof. Sun Hang, one of the leading botanists at the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, who actively promotes several projects within Central Asia.

Furkat O. Khassanov, Sardorjon Pulatov, Temur Asatulloev, Ibrokhimjon Ergashov, Komiljon Sh. Tojibaev and Ziyoviddin Yusupov. 2023.  Allium sunhangii – A New Species from Section Brevidentia F.O.Khass. & Iengal. (Amaryllidaceae) from Southern Pamir-Alay, Uzbekistan. PhytoKeys. 219: 35-48.  DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.219.96464