Wednesday, April 13, 2022

[Herpetology • 2022] Phantasmarana curucutuensis & P. tamuia • Unveiling the Diversity of Giant Neotropical Torrent Frogs (Anura: Hylodidae): Phylogenetic Relationships, Morphology, and the Description of Two New Species

Phantasmarana curucutuensis 
Sá, Condez, Lyra, Haddad & Malagoli, 2022

The Neotropical family Hylodidae comprises 46 currently recognized rheophilic Torrent frog species, today classified in the genera CrossodactylusHylodesMegaelosia, and Phantasmarana, all endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Megaelosia and Phantasmarana are distributed along the Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira mountain ranges, southeastern Brazil, and are the least speciose genera of the family, including all the mute giant hylodids. Megaelosia is a monotypic genus, whereas Phantasmarana comprises six currently recognized species: P. apuana, P. bocainensis, P. boticariana, P. jordanensis, P. lutzae, and P. massarti. Herein, we provide a taxonomic revision of these Giant Neotropical Torrent frogs, offering a comprehensively sampled species-level molecular phylogeny. By combining molecular and morphological data, we confirm that Megaelosia and Phantasmarana are valid genera. We provide diagnostic traits for both genera, redescribe the poorly known species P. jordanensis, and describe two new species from distinct localities at Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Phantasmarana curucutuensis sp. nov. and P. tamuia sp. nov., presenting details of adult and larval morphology, and notes on their natural history and behaviour. We further discuss systematic and taxonomic concerns, and evolutionary processes related to distribution, body sizes, and communication in the family Hylodidae.
Key words: Amphibia, Anura, Atlantic Forest, gigantism, HylodesMegaelosia, mountain ranges, muteness, Phantasmarana, visual communication

Phantasmarana curucutuensis sp. nov.

 P. tamuia sp. nov.

Fábio P. de Sá, Thais H. Condez, Mariana L. Lyra, Célio F. B. Haddad and Leo R. Malagoli. 2022. Unveiling the Diversity of Giant Neotropical Torrent Frogs (Hylodidae): Phylogenetic Relationships, Morphology, and the Description of Two New Species. Systematics and Biodiversity. 20(1); 1-31. DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2022.2039318  [2022-03-14]