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[Entomology • 2022] Pyrops buomvoi • The Lanternfly Genus Pyrops in Vietnam: A New Species from Central Vietnam, Taxonomic Changes, Checklist, Identification Key (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)

Pyrops buomvoi  
Constant & Pham, 2022

A new species of the genus Pyrops Spinola, 1839 (Fulgoridae), Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov., is described from Ca Na, Ninh Thuan Province in Central Vietnam. It is attributed to the candelaria group and compared with the other species of the genus. Pyrops lathburii (Kirby, 1818) is proposed as a senior synonym of P. astarte (Distant, 1914), transferred back to the candelaria group from the pyrrhorhynchus group, and recorded from Laos for the first time. The candelaria and pyrorhynchus groups are defined and commented on. Intraspecific variation in the colour of the hind wings is recorded for the first time in Pyrops condorinus (Lallemand, 1960). A checklist of the 12 Vietnamese species of Pyrops and an illustrated key which can also be used for Laos, Cambodia and Southern Continental China, are given. Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov. is the first new species of Pyrops discovered in Indochina for more than 50 years. Intraspecific colour variation in the species of Pyrops is briefly discussed.

Keywords: planthopper, Fulgoroidea, instraspecific variation, Indochina

 Pyrops Spinola, 1839 species from Vietnam 
Pyrops atroalbus (Distant, 1918), Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov., Pyrops candelaria (Linné, 1758), Pyrops clavatus (Westwood, 1839),
 Pyrops coelestinus (Stål, 1863), Pyrops condorinus (Lallemand, 1960), Pyrops ducalis (Stål, 1863), Pyrops itoi (Satô & Nagai, 1994),
 Pyrops lathburii (Kirby, 1818), Pyrops spinolae (Westwood, 1842), Pyrops viridirostris (Westwood, 1848), Pyrops vitalisius (Distant, 1918)

Checklist of the Vietnamese species of Pyrops Spinola, 1839
Pyrops atroalbus (Distant, 1918)
Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov.
Pyrops candelaria (Linné, 1758)
Pyrops clavatus (Westwood, 1839)
Pyrops coelestinus (Stål, 1863)
Pyrops condorinus (Lallemand, 1960)
Pyrops ducalis (Stål, 1863)
Pyrops itoi (Satô & Nagai, 1994)
Pyrops lathburii (Kirby, 1818)
Pyrops spinolae (Westwood, 1842)
Pyrops viridirostris (Westwood, 1848)
Pyrops vitalisius (Distant, 1918)

 Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov., paratype ♀ (RBINS).
A. Habitus, ventral view. B. Habitus, dorsal view. C. Head and thorax, dorsal view. D. Habitus, lateral view. E. Head and thorax, lateral view. F. Head and thorax, anterolateral view. G. Head, perpendicular view of frons.
C, E-G = not to scale.

Class Insecta Linnaeus, 1758
Order Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha Duméril, 1806
Infraorder Fulgoromorpha Evans, 1946

Superfamily Fulgoroidea Latreille, 1807
Family Fulgoridae Latreille, 1807
Subfamily Aphaeninae Blanchard, 1847
Tribe Pyropsini Urban & Cryan, 2009

Genus Pyrops Spinola, 1839

Pyrops buomvoi sp. nov.

Diagnosis: The species can be separated from all other species of Pyrops by the following combination of characters:(1) posterior wings milky white with apex and area along sutural margin black brown, with brown area paler and narrower towards basosutural angle (Fig. 1B);(2) cephalic process elongate and very slender, moderately curved dorsad (Fig. 1C–G);(3) head yellow with dorsum and sides of cephalic process reddish (Fig. 1);(4) tegmina with 3 irregular yellow bands on basal half, the two more distal ones formed from rows of elongate markings (Fig. 1B).

Etymology: The species epithet buomvoi is a Vietnamese name for the species of the genus Pyrops, with ʻ[con] buomʼ meaning ʻbutterflyʼ and ʻ[con] voiʼ meaning ʻelephantʼ. The name literally means ʻbutterfly-elephantʼ and is used as a name in apposition.

Jérôme Constant and Hong Thai Pham. 2022. The Lanternfly Genus Pyrops in Vietnam: A New Species from Central Vietnam, Taxonomic Changes, Checklist, Identification Key (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae). European Journal of Taxonomy. 813(1), 123–154. DOI:  10.5852/ejt.2022.813.1741