Wednesday, December 15, 2021

[Herpetology • 2021] Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis • A New Species of the Genus Ptyctolaemus Peters, 1864 (Squamata, Agamidae) from Sagaing, Myanmar

Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis 
Liu, Hou, Lwin & Rao, 2021

A new species of Ptyctolaemus Peters, 1864 is described from Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. The new species differs from P. gularis and Ptyctolaemus aff. gularis from Tibet, China, by having relatively longer limbs and different colorations of the gular region, and it differs from P. collicristatus by having much longer limbs and a less developed nuchal crest in males. Moreover, the new species differs genetically from Ptyctolaemus aff. gularis from Tibet, China, and P. collicristatus by an uncorrected percentage distance of 23.5% and 24.8%, respectively, inferred from mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 gene sequences. This discovery increases the number of known Ptyctolaemus species to three.

Key Words: Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, morphology, ND2, phylogeny, systematics, taxonomy

The holotype (SEABRI 2019120076) of Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov. in life.
A. Dorsal view; B. Lateral view; C. Ventral view.

Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov. in life.
The adult male paratype (SEABRI 2019120031) (A, B) and
the adult female paratype (SEABRI 2019120046) (C, D). 

Close up view of the gular regions of Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov. in life.
A. The holotype (SEABRI 2019120076); B. The subadult male paratype (SEABRI 2019120016); C. The adult male paratype (SEABRI 2019120031); D. The adult female paratype (SEABRI 2019120046).

 Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov.
Ptyctolaemus gularis: Schulte et al. 2004 (partim): 222–247.

Diagnosis: Body size medium, SVL 45.6–83.5 mm, slender, tail long, TAL/SVL 2.24–2.47, limbs long, FLL/SVL 0.48–0.52, HLL/SVL 0.90–0.94. Tympanum concealed. Nuchal crest undeveloped, low and flat. Dorsal scales heterogeneous. The gular region is bright yellow with two or three short black stripes in males and the gular region is greyish white with no stripe in females.

Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov. Different body colors of the subadult male paratype (SEABRI 2019120016) showed in life.
A. On withered leaves at night; B. On the ground during the day.

Distribution: Ptyctolaemus chindwinensis sp. nov. is currently only known from Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, Sagaing Division, Myanmar (Fig. 8).

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the Chindwin River, the new species was discovered in its basin.

Shuo Liu, Mian Hou, Ye Htet Lwin and Dingqi Rao. 2021. A New Species of the Genus Ptyctolaemus Peters, 1864 (Squamata, Agamidae) from Sagaing, Myanmar. Evolutionary Systematics. 5(2): 347-357. DOI: 10.3897/evolsyst.5.75305