Monday, June 25, 2018

[Fungi • 2018] Lamprospora sylvatica (Pyronemataceae) • A New Bryophilous Ascomycete on Dicranum montanum

Lamprospora sylvatica Egertová & Eckstein

in Egertová,  Eckstein, Sochor & Vega, 2018.


Lamprospora sylvatica is described as a new species based on finds from Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany and Norway. It is characterised by the combination of the following features: pinkish, orange to reddish-orange apothecia with a fimbriate margin, globose ascospores with more or less regular areolate ornamentation, infecting strong rhizoids of Dicranum montanum with an infectious structure consisting of a one-celled appressorium surrounded by a multi-layered cluster of thick-walled cells and haustorium within the rhizoids. The apothecia were always found on rotten wood, which is an unusual habitat for hosts of bryophilous Pezizales. The new species is compared to similar taxa morphologically and by means of DNA sequencing. In the phylogenetic analysis based on LSU and ITS regions, L. sylvatica forms a well-supported clade close to L. feurichiana (on Ceratodon purpureus), L. kristiansenii (also on C. purpureus) and L. campylopodis (on Campylopus spp.).

Keywords: Ascomycota, bryosymbiotic fungi, haustoria within rhizoids, Hainich National Park, Malá Fatra National Park, Fungi

FIGURE 1. Lamprospora sylvatica  (B Eckstein-43421). apothecia between shoots of Dicranum montanum.

Scale bar: b = 1 mm. Photo: J. Eckstein.

Lamprospora sylvatica Egertová & Eckstein, sp. nov.

Etymology:— The specific epithet reflects the occurrence in forests. 

Zuzana Egertová, Jan Eckstein,  Michal Sochor and Marcel Vega. 2018. Lamprospora sylvatica (Pyronemataceae), A New Bryophilous Ascomycete on Dicranum montanum. Phytotaxa.  357(1).1; 17–29. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.357.1.2