Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Botany • 2014] Begonia intermedia • a new species of Begoniaceae (sect. Diploclinium) from Hainan, China

Begonia intermedia D.K. Tian & Y.H. Yan

Begonia intermedia D.K. Tian & Y.H. Yan, a new species in Begonia sect. Diploclinium (Wright) A. DC (Begoniaceae) from Hainan, China, is described and illustrated. It differs from the morphologically similar B. fimbristipula Hance by its orchid-root-like rhizomes, later flowering and distinctive hairy bracts. Also, based on a molecular phylogenetic analysis, B. intermedia is distinct from B. fimbristipula.

Key words: China, Hainan, Begonia, new species

DAI-KE TIAN, CHUN LI, YUE-HONG YAN, XIANG-PENG LI & JING MENG. 2014. Begonia intermedia, a new species of Begoniaceae from Hainan, China. Phytotaxa. 166 (2): 114–122. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.166.2.2