Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Botany • 2009] Impatiens rubricaulis • new Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from West Sumatra, Indonesia


Impatiens rubricaulis Utami (Balsaminaceae) is described as a new species.

Key words: Impatiens rubricaulis, Balsaminaceae, new species, West Sumatra

Impatiens delectans Ridl. affinis, sed alae, vexillum, sepalum inferior forma and colore caulis differt –Typus: Rani & Nanda Utami 487 (BO), Indonesia, West Sumatra, Solok, Air Sirah, 1000 m asl.

Distribution. Endemic in West Sumatra

Habitat. Along the road on the moist places at 1000 m asl.

Note. This plant is similar to I. delectans Ridl., but differs from it in having a reddish stem, a different shape of the dorsal petal, lateral united petals and lower sepal. In I. delectans the stems are green, the dorsal petal cuculate with a “keel like” crest above, lower sepal shallowly navicular and abruptly constricted into a straight spur. The lateral united petal have a ± ovate upper part and an ± elliptic lower part.

Fig.1. Habit of Impatiens rubricaulis Utami spec. nov.
Figs.2. Flora organs of Impatiens rubricaulis Utami
a. Lateral united petals, b. Dorsal petal,
c. Lower sepal and spur, d. Two lateral sepals

UTAMI, N. 2009. Impatiens rubricaulis (Balsaminaceae), a new species of Impatiens from West Sumatra. Reinwardtia 13(1): 93–94. :