Monday, November 1, 2021

[Botany • 2018] Monstera limitaris (Araceae) • A New Species from the border between Costa Rica and Panama

Monstera limitaris M. Cedeño,  

in Cedeño-Fonseca, Karremans & Ortiz, 2018. 

Species of genus Monstera are among the most representative hemi-epiphytic Araceae in the Neotropics. They are widely distributed and abundant in the tropical forests of Costa Rica and Panama. During recent exploration in the border region between the two countries, an undescribed species belonging to the genus has been identified. The new species, Mostera limitaris, is described and illustrated here, using a color plate based on photographs of the vegetative and reproductive structures of live material.

Keywords: Central America, fieldwork, Monstera, Monsteroideae, taxonomy, Monocots

FIGURE 1. Lankester Composite Dissection Plate (LCDP) of Monstera limitaris sp. nov.
A. Inflorescence development: B. Frontal and back part-opened inflorescence: C. Infructescence (detachment styling cape): D. Seeds: E. Complete flower (left); cross-section flower (right): F. style and stigma (left); Anther (right): G. Sterile flowers: H. Adult plant: I. seedling.

FIGURE 2. Comparison between Monstera limitaris (A-D), and M. dissecta (E-H).
A. Adult plant. B. Brown stem. C. Flower (left); flower in cross section (right). D. Geniculum with crenate margins (upper arrow) and petiole with semi-persistent sheath (lower arrow).
E. Adult plant. F. Green stem. G. Geniculum with entire margins (upper arrow) and petiole with persistent sheath (lower arrow). H. Flower (left); flower in cross section (right).

Monstera limitaris M. Cedeño, sp. nov.  
Monstera limitaris is characterized by having leaves with verruculose petioles at base, semi-persistent and convolute sheaths, crenate geniculum margins, blades with pinnatifid margins and fenestrations along the midrib as well as by the white-yellowish acuminate spathe, a creamy-white spadix and flowers with lateral-flattened stigmatophore and linear stigma which have a colorless stigmatic secretion.

Eponymy:—The name limitaris, from the Latin “limitis”, refers to a border or boundary, alluding to the type locality, which is on the Costa Rica and Panama border.

Marco Cedeño-Fonseca, Adam P. Karremans and Orlando O. Ortiz. 2018. Monstera limitaris (Araceae), A New Species from the border between Costa Rica and Panama. Phytotaxa. 376(1); 37–42. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.376.1.4