Tuesday, September 15, 2020

[Herpetology • 2020] Dixonius dulayaphitakorum จิ้งจกดินระนอง • A New Leaf-toed Gecko (Gekkonidae: Dixonius) from the City of Ranong, southwestern Thailand


Dixonius dulayaphitakorum  

Sumontha & Pauwels, 2020
จิ้งจกดินระนอง | Ranong Leaf-toed Gecko || DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4852.2.2 
Photos. by M. Sumontha. 

We describe Dixonius dulayaphitakorum sp. nov. from Ranong city, Ranong Province, southern peninsular Thailand. The new, ground-dwelling species differs from all currently recognized Dixonius by a combination of morphological characters and pattern: maximal known SVL of 47.8 mm, 22 longitudinal rows of dorsal tubercles; 33 to 35 paravertebral scales; 22 longitudinal rows of ventrals across the abdomen; six or seven precloacal pores in males, no pores in females; no distinct canthal stripe; and a spotted dorsal pattern. Based on dorsal pattern, the new species seems related to Dixonius siamensis. This description brings to 11 the number of Dixonius species, and to five the ones endemic to Thailand.

Keywords: Gekkonidae, Gekkota, Thai-Malay Peninsula, Dixonius dulayaphitakorum sp. nov.

Live male paratypesof Dixonius dulayaphitakorum sp. nov. 
 (A: PSUZC-R 729; B: PSUZC-R 730) 
Photos. by M. Sumontha.

Dixonius dulayaphitakorum sp. nov. 

Etymology. The specific epithet is a mark of friendship honoring Mr. Santisak and Mrs. Boonneam Dulayaphitak for their support to the herpetological field work of the first author, and who often drew his attention on interesting specimens. We suggest the following common names: Djing-djok din Ranong - จิ้งจกดินระนอง (Thai), Ranong Leaf-toed Gecko (English), Dixonius de Ranong (French), Ranong-Blattfingergecko (German).

Montri Sumontha and Olivier S.G. Pauwels. 2020. A New Leaf-toed Gecko (Gekkonidae: Dixonius) from the City of Ranong, southwestern Thailand. Zootaxa. 4852(2); 166–176. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4852.2.2