Friday, April 13, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Glochidion shanense • A New Species from Myanmar [Taxonomic Studies of Glochidion (Phyllanthaceae) from the Indo-China Peninsula (I)]

Glochidion shanense  Gang Yao & Shixiao Luo

in Yao, Cai, Wu, et al, 2018.

Based on morphological studies performed on live plants in the field and specimens deposited in herbaria, a new species, Glochidion shanense Gang Yao & Shixiao Luo (Phyllantheae, Phyllanthaceae), is here described and illustrated. The species is morphologically most similar to G. ellipticum Wight, but can be distinguished from the latter by having hairy branchlets, longer pedicels, uniseriate and narrowly triangular sepals of female flowers, 4–5-locular ovaries, stout and cylindric persistent style on fruits.

Keywords: Phyllanthaceae, Glochidion, Morphology, Myanmar

Figure 2. Morphological comparisons between Glochidion ellipticum Wight (B, C, E, H) and
Glochidion shanense  Gang Yao & Shixiao Luo (A, D, F, G). A, B, D, E Female flower C, F Branchlets G, H Fruit.

Glochidion shanense Gang Yao & Shixiao Luo, sp. nov.

Diagnosis: The species is similar to G. ellipticum Wight in morphology, but differs from the latter by its branchlets pubescent, pedicels of female flowers 1.5–2 mm long, sepals of female flowers uniseriate and narrowly triangular, apex of style truncate slightly, persistent style of fruit stout and cylindric.


Distribution and habitat: This new species is currently known only from its type locality, Shan State, eastern Myanmar, where it grows in the broadleaved and coniferous dry forest dominated by Docynia indica (Wall.) Decne., Schima wallichii (DC.) Korth. and Pinus species.

Etymology: Glochidion shanense is named after its type locality, Shan State in eastern Myanmar.

 Gang Yao, Jie Cai, Youheng Wu, Xuefei Yang, Thaung Naing Oo, Aung Zaw Moe and Shixiao Luo. 2018. Taxonomic Studies of Glochidion (Phyllanthaceae) from the Indo-China Peninsula (I): G. shanense, A New Species from Myanmar. PhytoKeys. 96: 57-62.  DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.96.24497

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