Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Testudology • 2011] Cyclemys of the Peat Swamp of Southernmost Thailand, with the first record of เต่าใบไม้ท้องดำ Cyclemys enigmatica from Thailand

Fig 2. Cyclemys sp.2, are a good match to Cyclemys enigmatica;
 (a). Carapace. (b). Plastron. (c). Side view of shell. (d). pattern on side of neck.

 Two living samples of Cyclemys dentata and C. enigmatica were captured by a local villager from Klong Todaeng close to the peat swamp forest in Sungai Kolok District, Narathiwat Province. Characteristics and colour pattern determination including coarse measurements were done. This is the first record of C. enigmatica from this area.

KEY WORDS: Cyclemys dentata, Cyclemys enigmatica, peat swamp forest, Narathiwat Province, southernmost Thailand.

Tanya Chan-ard, Siriporn Thong-aree, Michael Cota and Sunchai Makchai. 2011. Cyclemys of the Peat Swamp of Southernmost Thailand. The Thailand Natural History Museum Journal. 5(2): 107-112