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[Botany • 2024] Gladiolus oreophilus (Iridaceae: Crocoideae) • A New Species from southern Anatolia, Turkey


Gladiolus oreophilus  Eker & Sağıroğlu,

in Sağıroğlu et Eker, 2024
Amanos Kılıçotu  ||

Gladiolus oreophilus Eker & Sağıroğlu sp. nova (Iridaceae) is described as a new species from the Hatay Province, Turkey. It resembles G. kotschyanus, G. alanyensis and G. adanus, but it clearly differs from these three species by capsule size, flower colour, number and width of leaves, seed shape and ornamentation, and shapes of periclinal cell walls and testa epidermal cells. Herein, we provide the morphological features, distribution, habitat characteristics, conservation assessment, and micromorphological characteristics of seeds of G. oreophilus.

Gladiolus oreophilus Eker & Sağıroğlu
"Amanos Kılıçotu"

Sağıroğlu M. & Eker İ. 2024. Gladiolus oreophilus (Iridaceae, Crocoideae), A New Species from southern Anatolia, Turkey. — Ann. Bot. Fennici. 61: 111–117.