Wednesday, November 30, 2022

[Botany • 2022] Nepenthes harauensis (Nepenthaceae) • A New Species from West Sumatra, Indonesia

Nepenthes harauensis Hernawati, R.Satria & Chi.C.Lee,

in Hernawati, Satria & Lee, 2022. 

 A new species of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) from the Harau region of West Sumatra is described as Nepenthes harauensis Hernawati, R.Satria & Chi.C.Lee. This species shares specific characteristics with both N. bongso and N. singalana but is unique in its thickly coriaceous and petiolate leaves, which are elliptic-oblong and have a distinctly peltate tendril insertion.

Keywords: Harau, Nepenthaceae, Nepenthes, Sumatra.

Nepenthes harauensis Hernawati, R.Satria & Chi.C.Lee.
A. Population of N. harauensis in the habitat. B. Habit of the short shoots. C. Leaf apex showing peltate tendril insertion. D. Lower pitcher. E. Upper pitcher. F. Male inflorescence. G. Fruits. H. Glandular zone on the lid.
From Nepenthes-Team Padang (Hernawati, Havid, Ihsan) NPT 220921-1. 
Photos by Robi Satria and Havid Ramadhan.

Nepenthes harauensis Hernawati, R.Satria & Chi.C.Lee. spec. nov.

Nepenthes harauensis has several morphological characteristics similar to N. bongso, but the pitcher shape is more like the N. singalana. The most prominent distinguishing character is the thick and stiff coriaceous leaf structure, the peltate tendril insertion, and the sheath-like petiole, which clasps the stem for ¾– ½ of its circumference.

Distribution. Nepenthes harauensis is only known from the type locality in Harau, West Sumatra, Indonesia. 
Etymology. The specific name refers to the place “Harau,” a sub-district of Lima Puluh Kota Regency.

 Hernawati Hernawati, Robi Satria and Ch'ien C. Lee. 2022. Nepenthes harauensis, A New Species of Nepenthaceae from West Sumatra. Reinwardtia. 21(1); 19‒23. DOI: 10.14203/reinwardtia.v21i1.4306

ABSTRAK — Jenis baru Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) dari kawasan Harau Sumatra Barat dipertelakan sebagai Nepenthes harauensis Hernawati, R.Satria & Chi.C.Lee. Jenis ini mempunyai kemiripan karakter morfologi dengan N. bongso dan N. singalana tetapi memiliki keunikan dalam tekstur daun yang tebal dan kaku, berbentuk jorong yang melonjong, mempunyai tangkai daun dan memiliki sisipan sulur yang jelas menyerupai perisai. 
Kata kunci: Harau, Nepenthaceae, Nepenthes, Sumatra.