Tuesday, September 27, 2022

[Botany • 2022] Tulipa toktogulica (Liliaceae) • A Cryptic, Endangered New Species from the western Tien-Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Tulipa toktogulica B.D.Wilson & Lazkov, 

in Wilson, Lazkov, Shalpykov & Brockington, 2022. 
Tulipa toktogulica (T. sect. Kolpakowskianae; Liliaceae) is a cryptic new species from the Toktogul area of the Jalal-Abad Region, Kyrgyzstan. It is similar to T. talassica, with which it shares the characteristically elongated tunic, but it is genetically and geographically distinct. It has a combination of morphological traits shared between the closely related species T. talassica, T. tetraphylla and T. ferganica, but the combination of its traits is unique. Unlike most other members of the genus, this new species has a scent. It is here also assessed as endangered due to its narrow range and continuing threats from overgrazing.

Keywords: Central Asian flora, Tulipa sect. KolpakowskianaeTulipa subgenus TulipaTulipa talassica, tulips, Monocots


Tulipa toktogulica B.D.Wilson & Lazkov
A. Side view of a flower. B. Flower from above. C. Side view of a closed flower. D. Inner and outer tepals, stamen and ovary. E. Prolonged tunic on bulb. F. Seed pod. G. Habitat at population one. H. Habitat at population two and three. I. Habitat at population four.
Photos by Brett Wilson.

Tulipa toktogulica B.D.Wilson & Lazkov, sp. nov.  

This species is most similar to Tulipa talassica in its prolonged tunic but it has broad stamens like those of T. tetraphylla and only three leaves, unlike T. tetraphylla, which usually has four or more leaves. Flowers of the new species have a faint scent, which is not present in these other Central Asian species except T. kolbintsevii Zonneveld in Zonneveld & de Groot (2012: 1294).

Etymology:—Named after the Toktogul region. We hope that naming it after this area will improve awareness of the diversity of the flora of this region and hence its conservation.

 Brett Wilson, Georgy A. Lazkov, Kaiyrkul T. Shalpykov and Samuel F. Brockington. 2022. Tulipa toktogulica (Liliaceae), A Cryptic, Endangered New Species from the western Tien-Shan, Kyrgyzstan. Phytotaxa566(1); 1-12. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.566.1.1