Saturday, December 31, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Nepenthes krabiensis • A New Species of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) from Thailand

 Nepenthes krabiensis 
  Nuanlaong, Onsanit, Chusangrach & Suraninpong 


This paper describes and illustrates a new species of Nepenthaceae, Nepenthes krabiensis. The new species is closely related to N. rosea which has been found in the same habitat of the wildlife sanctuary of Krabi Province in Southern Thailand.

KEYWORDS: Thailand, Krabi, Peninsular Thailand, taxonomy.

Figure 3. Nepenthes krabiensis. A. habitat and habit, C. lower pitcher; D. upper pitcher. 

 Distribution.― Southern Thailand, founded only at Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, Krabi Province, Thailand. 
Ecology.― On summit areas, in sandy or mool soil, often growing in limestone rock crevices, at 600–700 m above sea level. 

Etymology.― The species is named after Krabi Province, to which it is endemic. 

Phenology.― Flowering June to August. 

Proposed IUCN conservation outlook assessment (2012).― Nepenthes krabiensis is assessed as Critically Endangered [CR B2ab (ii)]. It distributed in an area of 500 m2 and only on a single site on the summit of Mt Nor Ju Jee. 

Notes.― Nepenthes krabiensis is similar to N. rosea which grows in the same province and also on limestone mountains. The species share lanceolate, pseudo-petiolate and decurrent leaves, but N. krabiensis differs from N. rosea in the conspicuous coloration of the lower pitchers: being orange with red stripes, with red blotches over the inner surface and absent in the glandular zone, the green to orange or red peristome, the green to red lid upper surface, and the green to yellow or orange lid lower surface. The lower pitchers of N. rosea are green to light pink with dark pink stripes outside, and uniformly green to dark pink over the inner surface.

 Sanya Nuanlaong, Sarayut Onsanit, Vutthipong Chusangrach, Potjamarn Suraninpong. 2016. A New Species of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) from Thailand. THAI FOREST BULL., BOT 44(2); : 128–133. DOI:  10.20531/tfb.2016.44.2.08