Thursday, December 29, 2016

[Botany • 2015] Lysimachia huangsangensis • A New Species (Primulaceae) from Hunan, China

Lysimachia huangsangensis 
J.J. Zhou, X.L. Yu & Y.F. Deng


A new speciesLysimachia huangsangensis (Primulaceae), from Hunan, China is described and illustrated. The new species is closely related to L. carinata because of the crested calyx, but differs in the leaf blades that are ovate to elliptic and (3–)4.5–9 × 2–3.4 cm, 2–5-flowered racemes, and the calyx lobes that are ovate-lanceolate and 5–6 × 3–4 mm. The systematic placement and conservation status are also discussed.

Fig 2. Lysimachia huangsangensis.
A. Flowering branch; B. Fruiting branch; C. Calyx and pistile; D. Flower; E. Equatorial view of pollen grain; F. Polar view of pollen grain; G. Seed; H. Ornamentation of seed surface. IL inner layer of the seed coat; OL outer layer of the seed coat.

Diagnosis: The new species is similar to Lysimachia carinata Y.I. Fang & C.Z. Zheng, but differs in ovate to elliptic and (3–)4.5–9 × 2–3.4 cm (versus broadly ovate to ovate and 1.5–2.5 × 1–2 cm), the 2–5-flowered racemes (versus 1–2-flowered) and the calyx lobes that are ovate-lanceolate and 5–6 ×3–4 mm (versus linear-lanceolate and ca. 4 × 1 mm).

Etymology: The epithet “huangsangensis” is derived from the type locality, Huangsang Natural Reserve, Suining Xian, Hunan Province, China.

Jian-Jun Zhou, Xun-Lin Yu, Yun-Fei Deng, Hai-Fei Yan and Zhe-Li Lin.  2015. Lysimachia huangsangensis (Primulaceae), A New Species from Hunan, China. 
PLoS ONE. 10(7); e0132713. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0132713