Saturday, December 10, 2016

[Ichthyology • 2016] Liniparhomaloptera macrostoma • A New Hillstream Loach (Teleostei: Gastromyzontidae) from Hunan Province, China

 Liniparhomaloptera macrostoma Wu, Xiu & Yang, 2016

Photograph by Jiahu Lan 

Liniparhomaloptera macrostoma, new species, is described from Hunan Province, south China. It is distinguished from its congers by having 8 branched dorsal-fin rays, more lateral line scales (82-100), relatively wider mouth and lower lip separated into two parts.

 Liniparhomaloptera macrostoma
Photograph by Jiahu Lan

Wu, Tiejun, Lihui Xiu and Jian Yang. 2016. Liniparhomaloptera macrostoma, A New Hillstream Loach from Hunan Province, China (Teleostei: Gastromyzontidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, An international journal for field-orientated ichthyology. 27(3); 275-282.