Sunday, December 18, 2016

[Botany • 2013] Gastrodia takeshimensis • A New Mycoheterotrophic Species (Orchidaceae) from Japan

  Gastrodia takeshimensis Suetsugu

A new speciesGastrodia takeshimensis Suetsugu (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae, Gastrodieae) from Takeshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, is described and illustrated. Its elongated corolla tube suggests a close affinity to G. nipponica, but it is easily distinguished from G. nipponica by its narrower and enclosed perianth tube, a lip that is joined with the perianth tube without any appendage, and a taller inflorescence during the flowering period.

Kenji Suetsugu. 2013. Gastrodia takeshimensis (Orchidaceae), A New Mycoheterotrophic Species from Japan. Annales Botanici Fennici. 50(6):375-378. DOI:  10.5735/085.050.0613