Saturday, December 3, 2016

[Botany • 2010] Rubovietnamia nonggangensis • A New Species (Rubiaceae) from Guangxi, China

Rubovietnamia nonggangensis  F.J.Mou & D.X.Zhang

 A new Rubiaceae species, Rubovietnamia nonggangensis F. J. Mou & D. X. Zhang, is described and illustrated from Guangxi, China. The somatic chromosome number (2n = 22) and pollen morphology of the species are reported. The new species is characterized prominently by having dense hairs on many organs, such as young branches, leaves, and inflorescences, enlarged and foliaceous calyx lobes caducous after anthesis, and indehiscent and globose fruits with persistent yellowish annular floral disks on the apex. All morphological data support that it belongs to the genus Rubovietnamia, a genus distributed in Vietnam and southern China, currently classified in the tribe Gardenieae of the subfamily Ixoroideae.

Keywords: Chromosome number; Gardenieae; Molecular phylogeny; New species; Pollen morphology; Rubiaceae; RubovietnamiaRubovietnamia nonggangensis

 Feng-Juan Mou and Dian-Xiang Zhang. 2010. Rubovietnamia nonggangensis (Rubiaceae), A New Species from China. Botanical Studies (Taipei) 51:119-126.