Monday, December 12, 2016

[Botany • 2014] Orchidantha virosa • A New Species (Lowiaceae) endemic to northern Vietnam

Orchidantha virosa 
  Škorničk. & Q.B.Nguyễn 


Orchidantha virosa Škorničk. & Q.B.Nguyễn, sp. nov. (Lowiaceae), a new species from Phú ọ province, northern Vietnam is described and illustrated here. Thee new species is unique among other species in Vietnam and Laos in its robust habit and size (up to 2 m) and the non-petiolate leaves in mature individuals. e key to Orchidantha N.E.Br. species of Laos and Vietnam is accordingly updated.

Jana Leong-Škorničkováa, Quc Bình Nguynb and Otakar Šídac. 2014. Orchidantha virosa Škorničk. & Q.B.Nguyn, sp. nov. (Lowiaceae), A New Species endemic to northern Vietnam. Adansonia 36(2); 237-243. DOI:  10.5252/a2014n2a6

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