Saturday, December 10, 2016

[Botany • 2010] Elettariopsis wandokthong Elettariopsis Baker (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand-A New Species and A New Record

Elettariopsis wandokthong 
Picheans. &  Yupparach  

 Six taxa of Elettariopsis Baker (Zingiberaceae) were previously accounted for Thailand. In this paper, Elettariopsis wandokthong, a new species from Thailand, is described and illustrated. Also, the distribution of Emonophylla (Gagnep.) Loes. in Thailand is reported here for the first time with full description and illustration. Key to species currently enumerated for Thailand is also provided.

KEY WORDS: Zingiberaceae, Thailand, Elettariopsis wandokthong, new species, Elettariopsis monophylla, new record.

Diagnose: Elettariopsidi trilobae similis, foliis 2-4 lanceolatis ad oblongis vel ellipticis utrinque glabris, ligula 1-2 mm longa pubescenti, apice bilobo, calycis tubo corollae tubo longiore pubescenti, ovario pubescenti differt.
Distribution: This new species can only be found in the type location. However, it is widely cultivated in Thailand.

 Ecology: The new species grows under the shade of dried deciduous forest, at the altitude of 62-240 m.

 Vernacular names: Wan Dokthong (วานดอกทอง), Wan Maha Saneh (วานมหาเสนห),  彎斗松擬荳蔻 (Chinese new name).

 Ethnobotany: This new taxon is believed to process a magical power, and therefore, it is used as a good-luck charm. The Thai names imply magical seductive power. The plants are grew in pots, and put in front of shops believing that they will help attracting customers, especially when the plant is in bloom (usually as early as January to early May). The rhizomes of this taxon are also used as one of the ingredients for making “magical herbal charming oil” or “magical charming lip balm”, believing that after applying it to one’s body (oil) or lips (lip balm), it will help attracting the targeted opposite sex, particularly women.

 Chayan Picheansoonthon and Piyapong Yupparach. 2010.  Further Study on the Elettariopsis Baker (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand-A New Species and A New Record. Taiwania. 55(4); 335-341. 
Orawan Theanphong, Thatree Phadungcharoen, Thaya Jenjittikul and Withawat Mingvanish. 2016. Essential Oil Composition of Elettariopsis wandokthong Picheans. & Yupparach Rhizome from Thailand.  BHST [Bulletin of Health Science and Technology] . 14(1); 30-35.