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[Botany • 2017] Gastrodia bambu • A New Species of Gastrodia (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) from Mount Merapi, Java, Indonesia

Gastrodia bambu  Metusala


Gastrodia bambu Metusala, a new species of Gastrodia (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae, Gastrodieae) from Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Province, Java, Indonesia, is described and illustrated. This new species is morphologically close to Gastrodia abscondita J.J.Sm, but differs in having a larger dark brown flower, a longer perianth tube, ovate petals, a longer and oblong-lanceolate lip, a different shape keels on lip, and a different shape column.

Keywords: Gastrodia, Java, Mount Merapi, holomycotrophic, Monocots

FIGURE 1. Gastrodia bambu. A, flowering individual in the type locality (Mount Merapi). B, inflorescence. C–E, flower (side view, oblique view and front view).
 Photographs by Destario Metusala.

FIGURE 2. Gastrodia bambu, flowering individual from Mount Gede Pangrango.
Photograph by Reza Saputra.

Gastrodia bambu Metusala, sp. nov. 

Type:— INDONESIA. Java: Yogyakarta Province, Sleman Regency, Mount Merapi, ... c. 800 m, 20 March 2016, RIO 8997 (holotype: BO!).

Diagnosis:— Gastrodia bambu is close to Gastrodia abscondita J.J.Sm., but differs in having larger dark brown flowers (17–20 mm × 14–16 mm), a longer perianth tube (≥ 17 mm), ovate petals, a longer oblong-lanceolate lip (≥ 10 mm), different shape keels on the lip, and a different shape column.

Distribution and phenology:— The distribution of Gastrodia bambu appears to be restricted to Java. Populations have been discovered in Yogyakarta Province on Mount Merapi at c. 800 m., and more recently (28 January 2017) in West Java Province, Sukabumi, Bodogol, Mount Gede Pangrango, at c. 800 m. All these populations were found very close to old bamboo clumps, growing in wet soil containing partly-decomposed bamboo leaf litter, in the very deep shade cast by the bamboo plant’s canopy. Flowering recorded from mid February to mid March (Mount Merapi) and mid January to mid February (Mount Gede Pangrango).

 Etymology:— The specific epithet “bambu” refers to the Indonesian name for bamboo, the dominant plant associated with this new species.

Destario Metusala and Jatna Supriatna. 2017. Gastrodia bambu (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae), A New Species from Java, Indonesia. Phytotaxa. 317(3); 211–218.  DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.317.3.5

Gastrodia bambu,  spesies baru kelompok anggrek hantu - ANTARA News

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