Tuesday, June 12, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Gentiana laotica • A New Species of Gentianaceae from Laos

Gentiana laotica  Soulad., Tagane & Yahara

in Souladeth, Tagane, Naiki, et al., 2018. 
ຫວິດຂາວ || DOI   10.20531/tfb.2018.46.1.11

A new species of Gentiana (Gentianaceae), Gentiana laotica Soulad., Tagane & Yahara, from Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area, Vientiane Province, central Laos, is described. Photographs, vernacular name, DNA barcodes of rbcL, matK and ITS, and preliminary conservation status are provided for the new species.

KEYWORDS:  flora, Gentianaceae, Laos, Phou Khao Khouay NPA, taxonomy

Gentiana laotica Soulad., Tagane & Yahara, sp. nov.

Gentiana laotica is similar to G. bokorensis Hul of Cambodia and G. arenicola Kerr of northeastern Thailand in having single erect stem, number of stem leaves increasing toward stem apex and 5-merous flowers, but differs from the formers in having obovateto obovate-oblong leaves (vs narrowly ovate-triangularin G. bokorensis), whitish corolla (blue-purplish) and 5 equal sepals (vs often unequal, 2 small and 3 large) and from the latter in having smaller calyx lobes (4–5 mm long in G. laotica vs 5–7 mm long in G. arenicola), white flowers (vs pale blue), longer corolla lobes (ca 3 mm long vs 1.5 mm long) and smaller anthers (1.2 mm long vs 2 mm long).

Vernacular.— Wheed Khao (ຫວິດຂາວ) (suggested here).

Etymology.— The specific epithet refers to the country where we collected the plant.

Figure 1. Gentiana laotica Soulad., Tagane & Yahara:
A. habit; B. whole plant; C. abaxial leaf surface; D. base of leaf blade showing ciliolate margin; E. flower, top view; F. flowers (flower with leaves and calyx, flower with calyx, corolla); G. young flower corolla opened; H. stamens and pistil; I. ovary, style and stigma.
Scale bars: B = 5 cm, D = 1 mm, F = 1 cm, H & I = 5 mm.

Phetlasy Souladeth, Shuichiro Tagane, Akiyo Naiki, Hidetoshi Nagamasu and Tetsukazu Yahara. 2018. Gentiana laotica, A New Species of Gentianaceae from Laos.  Thai Forest Bulletin. 46(1); 72-75. DOI   10.20531/tfb.2018.46.1.11

ດອກຫວິດຂາວ, ພືດຊະນິດທີ່ພົບຢູ່ພູເຂົາຄວາຍ, 
ໂດຍ: ອຈ. ເພັດລາສີ (ຈາກຄະນະວິທະຍາສາດປ່າໄມ້)