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[Botany • 2017] Primulina wuae (Gesneriaceae) • A New Species from southern China

Primulina wuae Wen & L.F.Fu

in Xin, Hong, Fu & Wen, 2017.

A new species, Primulina wuae F.Wen & L.F.Fu (Gesneriaceae), is described from the southern part of China. This new species is most similar to Primulina pseudoroseoalba Jian Li et al., P. roseoalba (W.T.Wang) Mich.Möller & A.Weber, P. subrhomboidea (W.T.Wang) Yin Z.Wang and P. beiliuensis B.Pan & S.X.Huang var. fimbribracteata F.Wen & B.D.Lai, but differs from these in characters such as the size and indumentum of the bracts, the indumentum of the pedicels and anthers, the length of the pistils etc. A provisional conservation assessment is also provided.

Keywords. Critically endangered, IUCN conservation assessment, limestone flora, new taxon, Primulina pseudoroseoalba

Fig. 1. Primulina wuae F.Wen & L.F.Fu.
A. Habitat. B. Habit in flower. C. The plant in flower in cultivation. D. Top view of corolla and calyx. E. Lateral view of corolla, calyx and cyme. F. Frontal view of corolla with the detail of stigma in inset
A–B, D–K from the type collection, C from cultivation. (Photos: F. Wen)

 Primulina wuae F.Wen & L.F.Fu sp. nov.

Etymology. The new species is named after Ms Xiang-Hong Wu, who first discovered and collected this rare species and who accompanied us on a number of subsequent field expeditions in Quanzhou, Guangxi. 

S. Li, Z.B. Xin, X. Hong, L.F. Fu and F. Wen. 2017. Primulina wuae (Gesneriaceae), A New Species from southern China. Gardens' Bulletin Singapore. 69(2);   307 - 313. 

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