Friday, June 22, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Chamaelirium viridiflorum (Melanthiaceae) • A New Species from Jiangxi, China

Chamaelirium viridiflorum L. Wang, Z.C. Liu & W.B. Liao

in Liu, Feng, Wang & Liao, 2018. 


Chamaelirium viridiflorum (Melanthiaceae), a new species from southern Jiangxi, China, is described and illustrated. It is similar to C. koidzumiana in their ellipitic or ovate leaf blade and slender petiole, but differs by its zygomorphic flowers and unequal tepals. Besides Chamaelirium viridiflorum is also similar to C. shiwandashanensis in their actinomorphic flowers, but distinguished by its spatulate to obovate leaf blade, distinct petiole and 0.8–1.1 cm long tepals. This new species has an obvious feature that the color of tepals is still greenish at the end of the flowering period.

Keywords: China, Chamaelirium, Melanthiaceae, New species, Taxonomy, Monocots

FIGURE 3. Chamaelirium viridiflorum L. Wang, Z.C. Liu & W.B. Liao.
A & B, Habit; C & D, Blade; E & H, Spike; F, Flower, lateral view; G, Pistil and stamen; I, Capsule.

Chamaelirium viridiflorum L. Wang, Z.C. Liu & W.B. Liao, sp. nov. 

 Chamaelirium viridiflorum is most similar to C. shiwandashanensis, but differs by its distinctly petiolate leaves; greenish inflorescence rachis; and longer tepals (0.8–1.1 cm).

Etymology:— The specific epithet refers to the flowers of this new species that are green throughout the flowering period, differing from those of all other known species.

Zhong-Cheng Liu, Lu Feng, Lei Wang and Wen-Bo Liao. 2018. Chamaelirium viridiflorum (Melanthiaceae), A New Species from Jiangxi, China. Phytotaxa. 357(2); 126–132.  DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.357.2.5

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