Monday, May 15, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Musa × formobisiana (Musaceae), A New Interspecifices Hybrid Banana from Taiwan

Musa × formobisiana  
 H.-L. Chiu, C.-T. Shii & T.-Y.A. Yang

Taiwan is near the northern limit of distribution of Musaceae. To understand the genetics and extent of genetic diversity in wild bananas in Taiwan, artificial hybrids between Musa itinerans var. formosana and M. balbisiana Colla, here named Musa × formobisiana H.-L. Chiu, C.-T. Shii & T.-Y.A. Yang hybrid nov., were produced. Photos and a comparison of the characteristics of Musa × formobisiana with the parent species are provided. Voucher specimens are at the Herbarium, National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan (TNM).

Keyword: Musaceae, Musa × formobisiana, Hybrid banana, Taiwan

Fig. 1. Musa × formobisiana H.-L. Chiu, C.-T. Shii & T.-Y. A. Yang hybrid nov.
 A. Plant habit of Musa × formobisiana. B. Bract of male bud, dark red C. Suckers clump closely to parent plant. D. Seeds irregularly sub-globose, dark brown, warty. E. Base of mature pseudostems, green with varying brownish black pigmentation. F. Holotype of Musa × formobisiana. G. Isotype of Musa × formobisiana. H. Pericarp of fruits, whitish green. 

Hui-Lung Chiu, Chou-Tou Shii and T.-Y. Aleck Yang. 2017. Musa × formobisiana (Musaceae), A New Interspecifices Hybrid Banana.
 Taiwania. 62(2); 147‒150.    DOI:  10.6165/tai.2017.62.147

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