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[Botany • 2017] Bulbophyllum jingdongense • A New Species in the Cirrhopetalum alliance (Orchidaceae) from South China and Laos

Bulbophyllum jingdongense 
A. Q. Hu, D. P. Ye & Jian W. Li


Bulbophyllum jingdongense, a new species from South China and Laos belonging to the Cirrhopetalum alliance (Orchidaceae), is described and illustrated. It is morphologically distinct from all other known species in the alliance on account of the following diagnostic characters: pseudobulbs compressed subglobose; sepals and petals with dense, reddish-purple papillae on abaxial surfaces; lateral sepals basally connivent along their lower edges, the upper edges strongly incurved and connivent at the middle and then becoming separate again towards their incurved, horn-shaped, obtuse apex; column with a single orange-yellow gland below the stigma; and stelidia well-developed, 2.5–3 mm long, truncate at base, acuminate, merging with the column wings on each side of the column. The conservation status of B. jingdongense is assessed and taxonomic notes are provided.

Keywords: Bulbophyllum, Cirrhopetalum alliance, new species, taxonomy, Monocots


Bulbophyllum jingdongense A. Q. Hu, D. P. Ye & Jian W. Li, sp. nov.  

Distribution:— Bulbophyllum jingdongense is currently only recorded from Yunnan Province in Southwest China and Khammouane Province in central Laos.

FIGURE 2. Bulbophyllum jingdongense, sp. nov.:
 A. Plants in natural habitat at holotype locality in Jingdong County, Yunnan Province, South China. B. Plants epiphytic on a pine tree in Jingdong County. C. Living collection from Nakai District, Khammouane Province, central Laos, brought into cultivation at the Biotechnology and Ecology Institute, Laos. D. Close-up of habit with inflorescence. E. Close-up of a single inflorescence. F. Close-up of the column, highlighting the orange-yellow gland below the stigma.
 (A, D, E & F from holotype A.Q.Hu et al. 803, photographed by A.Q. Hu; B from paratype Jian-Wu Li 4494, photographed by Jian W. Li; C from paratype HNL-KFBG 0409, photographed by S.W. Gale). 

 Ai-Qun Wu, De-Ping Ye, Stephan W. Gale, Richard M. K. Saunders, Gunter A. Fischer and Jian-Wu Li. 2017. Bulbophyllum jingdongense (Orchidaceae), A New Species in the Cirrhopetalum alliance from South China and Laos. Phytotaxa. 307(3); 199-204. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.307.3.4

A New Species of Orchid Found in Jingdong, Yunnan 


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