Tuesday, May 9, 2017

[Botany • 2017] The Restablishment of Dyckia oligantha and D. nana (Bromeliaceae, Pitcairnioideae), Belonging to the D. macedoi Complex


The authors reestablish Dyckia oligantha and D. nana, considered synonymous of D. saxatilis and D. macedoi, respectively, on the basis of newly collected specimens from the type localities. Multivariate analysis of vegetative and reproductive characters on natural populations of the species of the D. macedoi complex were performed, allowing the recognition of D. macedoi, D. nana and D. oligantha as distinct species.

Keywords: “Campos rupestres”, morphometry, taxonomy, rocky fields, species complex, Monocots

  Dyckia macedoi complex

1. Dyckia macedoi L.B. Smith (1952: 195). Figs. 4 A–D, 5 A–C 
2. Dyckia nana Leme & Ribeiro (Leme et al. 2010: 36), Figs. 4 E–H, 5 D–E
3. Dyckia oligantha L.B. Smith (1957a: 329). Figs. 4 I–L, 6 A–J, 7 A–E 

 Dyckia oligantha.  Rosettes with second leaves, in the species natural environment.
Photo: Elidio Guarçoni

Elidio Armando Exposto Guarçoni, Aristéia Alves Azevedo and Andreia Ferreira da Costa. 2017. The Restablishment of Dyckia oligantha and Dnana (Bromeliaceae, Pitcairnioideae), Belonging to the D. macedoi complex. Phytotaxa. 306(1); 49-65. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.306.1.4

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