Thursday, May 25, 2017

[Botany • 2017] Macrosolen brunsing • A New Hemiparasitic Shrub (Loranthaceae) from Brunei Darussalam [Novitates Bruneienses, 8]

Macrosolen brunsing  Y.W.Low & Ariffin

 Macrosolen brunsing Y.W.Low & Ariffin is described and illustrated here as a new species of aerial hemiparasite based on two collections from the Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam. The new species differs from all Macrosolen taxa enumerated in Borneo by its distinct linear leaves ((4–)8–14.5 cm long, 0.1–0.2(–0.25) cm wide). 

Keywords. Borneo, endemic, linear-leaved, Malesia, new species

Fig. 2. Macrosolen brunsing Y.W.Low & Ariffin.
A. Pendulous flowering branch showing distichous almost needle-like linear leaves and a terminal inflorescence. B. Close-up of mature flower buds that somewhat resemble bowling pins. C. Close-up of open flowers. D. Close-up of fruits. All from type Y.W. Low et al. LYW 1081. (Photos: Y.W. Low) 

Macrosolen brunsing Y.W.Low & Ariffin, sp. nov. 
Similar to Macrosolen brevitubus Barlow but differs in having narrow linear leaves ((4–)8–14.5 cm long, 0.1–0.2(–0.25) cm wide), and inflorescence a raceme of two opposite pairs of flowers.

– TYPE: Brunei, Tutong District, Rambai, Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, Nyamokning Dam, BRUN-SING botanical exploration campsite on the edge of forest near water body, lowland mixed dipterocarp forest on yellow sandy clay soils, 75 m asl, 22 August 2016, Y.W. Low, M.I. Siti Nur Bazilah, A.K. Muhd. Ariffin, A. Watu, E. Jangarun, P. Azlan, K. Muhd. Khairul Nizam & Z.A. Muhd. Wafiuddin LYW 1081 (holotype BRUN (including spirit material as part of a single specimen); isotypes E, K, L, SAN, SAR, SING [[SING0166300] & spirit material [SING0202921]). (Fig. 1, 2)

Etymology. The epithet brunsing is composed by merging two herbaria acronyms together, namely BRUN (the Brunei National Herbarium) and SING (Herbarium of the Singapore Botanic Gardens). This new species is named for the two herbaria to celebrate the close working relationship between the two herbaria that can be traced back to the early 80’s. The on-going MoU programme “The Botanical Survey of Brunei Darussalam” continues this cooperation.

 Y.W. Low, A.K. Muhammad Ariffin, A.A. Joffre and D. Duratul Ain. 2017. Novitates Bruneienses, 8. Macrosolen brunsing (Loranthaceae), A New Hemiparasitic Shrub from Brunei Darussalam. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 69(1); 67–73.


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